Our Company

KOMP-ACT is a Swiss high-tech SME founded in 2018 and located at the EPFL Innovation Park in Ecublens, Canton Vaud. We produce electric motion technologies to drive the transition to a sustainable electric manufacturing industry 4.0.


KOMP-ACT's mission is to help our customers in the automation industry accelerate the transition to full electric and programmable machines with electric motion technologies, which are cost efficient, compact size and highly reliable.


A fully electric industry from ground to sky by 2040


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The European Commission supports KOMP-ACT

European Commission

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 877324.

Venture Kick supports KOMP-ACT

Venture Kick

KOMP-ACT won CHF 130,000 to support its production development and grow its activities.

esa BIC supports KOMP-ACT

ESA BIC CH 2019-20

KOMP-ACT is supported by ESA and ESA BIC Switzerland to bring innovative electric solutions from ground to space using space know-how and related technologies for the benefits of human kind.

Climate-KIC supports KOMP-ACT


EIT Climate-KIC is a European knowledge and innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy

FIT supports KOMP-ACT


The FIT Jury chose to support KOMP-ACT with a CHF 100’000 FIT Tech seed loan to support the company in its product launch and financing round.

Swiss MEM supports KOMP-ACT


Thanks to Swissmem's support, KOMP-ACT can benefit from a wide network of professionals in the assembly and factory automation.

Upcoming Events

KOMP-ACT’s team will take part in the following upcoming events and fairs to showcase its products. 

Switzerland Global Enterprise Social Media Campaign

May 2020

To face the postponement of Interpack following the situation with Covid-19, Switzerland Global Enterprise had the idea to organize a social media campaign to promote the 10 Swiss Pavillon exhibitors of Interpack, which includes KOMP-ACT amongst others.

Technology & Business Cooperation Days

July 2020

KOMP-ACT will take part in the Technology & Business Cooperation Days with the objective of collaborating with new business partners of the Enterprise Europe Network and thus carrying on its expansion.

Trade Show

KOMP-ACT takes part in the EPHJ fair

September 2020

KOMP-ACT is going to participate in the EPHJ – EPMT – SMT event, a trade show bringing together all high-precision skills in the areas of watchmaking and jewelry, microtechnology and medical technology.

Trade Show

December 2020

Automatica is the world’s leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics, which is taking place in Munich (Germany). KOMP-ACT’s aim is to showcase and position its new technology as part of tomorrow’s autonomous production.

Trade Show

KOMP-ACT tkes part in the Interpack fair

February 2021

interpack is an international packaging fair for the sectors of food, beverages, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, non food and industry. KOMP-ACT will seize this opportunity to meet new clients during this event in Düsseldorf.

Trade Show

March 2021

Previously called SMM, Innoteq brought together three Swiss industrial associations: Swissmechanic, Tecnoswiss and Swissmem. As a result, K£OMP-ACT looks forward to be part of this new trade show that will take place in Bern for the very first time.

Our Journey

Top 75 early-stage startups

  • May 2017

KOMP-ACT took part in the MassChallenge four-month accelerator program, where the company  received world-class mentoring from industry experts, tailored programming, free co-working space, and unrivalled access to corporate partners.

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May 2017
June 2017

Top-5 Business Ideas

  • June 2017

Following this competition, KOMP-ACT could benefit from free workshops, a wide media coverage, intellectual property vouchers by the IPI as well as a network of investors and mentors. 

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IMAGINE IF! Global Accelerator

  • August 2017

Thanks to its qualification, KOMP-ACT could undergo a top-notch mentoring programme that prepared the company for the pitching contest as well as help it to boost its startup development.

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August 2017
September 2017

IMD 2017 Startup Competition

  • September 2017

KOMP-ACT was selected for the IMD Start-up Competition 2017/2018 and could collaborate with IMD’s fulltime MBA class during the first half of 2018 to work on its go-to-market strategy. 

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Winning CHF 130,000

  • March 2018

KOMP-ACT won CHF 130,000 in stage 3 of Venture Kick to boost the production process of its devices.

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March 2018
March 2018

Media Coverage

  • March 2018

Following the Venture Kick competition, different articles were published about KOMP-ACT such as in AGEFI, Startupticker or in Le Temps. 

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Part of the ESA BIC network

  • April 2018

KOMP-ACT successfully passed the Final Review Meeting and joined the network of the ESA Business Incubation Center. 

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April 2018
July 2018

KOMP-ACT came to live

  • July 2018

In 2018 KOMP-ACT officially came to live and became a legal entity with the status of a limited company headquartered in Switzerland and registered on the Registry of Commerce. 

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Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace

  • January 2019

KOMP-ACT is now part of the Climat-KIC network, which enables the company to increase its fundraising opportunities and meet new European investors. 

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January 2019
March 2019

Support from Platinn

  • March 2019

Platinn, an innovation platform, helped KOMP-ACT fine-tune its commercial development and cap table. 

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Innovaud's support

  • January 2020

Innovaud really helped KOMP-ACT get its business off the ground, putting the company in touch with the right people to secure funding and get expert advice on what would – and would not – work in its target market.

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January 2020