Machine Applications

KOMP-ACT’s electric motion technologies, including linear actuators, direct-drive grippers and electronic controller, fit many machine applications in the automation industry to increase a machine’s performance and decrease energy costs. 


KOMP-ACT’s programmable, reliable and cost-effective motion control devices aim at increasing the productivity of filling machines in the beverage sector by reducing a machine’s filling time and preventing product waste followed by inaccurate filling issues. 


KOMP-ACT's solution is perfectly suitable for filling applications in the beverage sector, such as the bottle filling machines.


KOMP-ACT is the right solution for wrapping applications that require fast motion and high cycling rate: no redesign needed, fast and easy implementation, ease-of-use and cost-effective system. Our goal is to minimize machine equipment costs, while increasing efficiency and productivity.


KOMP-ACT's solution is perfectly suitable for wrapping application in the non-food sector, such as the assembly of wet-wipes packages.


KOMP-ACT can assist in the transition to fully electric packaging machines meeting the most stringent end user requirements and without neglecting the importance of equipment costs, whether to reduce energy consumptions or increase a machine’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


KOMP-ACT's solution is perfectly suitable for packaging application in the food sector, such as the packaging line of coffee capsules.